contemporARY romance

St Nicholas was not quite what Kelly Moore had expected. 
For one thing, he was far too sexy for his own good and wears biker leathers instead of a flannel suit. For another, he traded in his sleigh for a growly Harley. 
All Kelly wants is her family for Christmas. Can St Nicholas deliver?
Michael (Club Angelus Book 1)

Keep your secrets to yourself, and you won’t get hurt; it’s none of their business anyway. 
Catch and Release at Club Angelus no longer holds any appeal to Dr Michael McIan; the kind of play he favours is intimate, and it hurts too much to let the submissive go after the scene. 
But one day a couple walks into his surgery, and they respond so sweetly to him, his resolve to stay vanilla weakens. He should keep his distance; he refuses to get in the middle of their marriage. 
Then they come to him with the most tempting offer… 
*This is an MMF romance with MF, MM and MMF scenes.
ariel (Club Angelus Book 2)

Two Dominants fighting to top; who surrender first? 
Ariel McIan, owner of Club Angelus, will never allow a man to control her; Derek is wasting his time, but the man is beyond persistent. Even her status as his best friend's sister hasn't scared him off. 
Then one night he goads her into accepting an outrageous bet: They'll each submit to the other; Derek first, and if he lasts a week as her submissive, they'll switch for week two. 
Dommes don't submit… do they?